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Gralex Diecart

The Gralex Diecart provides a quick, simple and safe method of removing and installing tooling into the Gralex Blank Fed and Web Fed Machines. After the dies are placed onto the Ball Transfer Table, the foot operated hydraulic jack lifts the table to the proper height and angle for easy access to the machine's die mounting area.  The hand operated winch then pulls the tooling into the press, where the mounting bolts can be quickly inserted and tighted.

  • Hydraulically Lifts Tooling Cartridge Up And Down Easily

  • Utilizes Ball Rollers Under Tooling Cartridge Combined With Hand Winch To Provide Easy Movement Of Tooling Cartridge In And Out Of Press

  • Large Easy Rolling Castors Allow Smooth Movement Of Cart and Tooling Around Factory


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Gralex Diecarts allow quick and easy switching of tooling for greatly improved efficiency.


Improve safety with the easy moving Ball Rollers and Hand Winch of the Gralex Diecart.