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The most efficient in the industry - Up to 280 trays per minute!!

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Die Carts


A quick, simple and safe method of removing and installing tooling.

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Auxillary Scoring Units

Uncompromised quality and strength utilizing low-cost scoring dies.

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Gralex Auxilary Scoring Units

Gralex Auxilary scoring units provide uncompromised ability to effectively produce scored and smooth style paper plates.

Auxilary Scoring Units (ASU) are economical, pneumatic and hydraulic bolt on units to standard P style wide web paper plate presses, that provide a method to manufacture scored paper plates and scored corner trays.

  • Improves Quality, Appearance and Strength of Paper Plates
  • Utilizes Existing Cutting Dies with Low Cost Steel Rule Scoring Dies
  • Models Available for every P Style Press
  • Provides Capability to Manufacture Scored, Smooth Style Paper Plates
  • Improves Quality, Appearance, and Strength of Product
  • Allows Manufacture of Scored Corner Food Trays on Standard Paper Plate Presses
  • Provides Ability to Emboss Logos, Shapes, etc. into Bottom of Products
  • Utilizes Existing Cutting Dies in Conjuction with Interchangeable, Low Cost, Scoring Dies
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Models Available
  • Over 125 in Operation Around the World


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