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  • SLIDE-diecart
  • SLIDE-thermoformer
  • SLIDE-scoring


The most efficient in the industry - Up to 280 trays per minute!!

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Die Carts


A quick, simple and safe method of removing and installing tooling.

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Auxillary Scoring Units

Uncompromised quality and strength utilizing low-cost scoring dies.

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HTP2620 Hydraulic Test Press

Diecuts Paperboard, Plastic, Foil, Leather, etc.  Complete Self Contained System

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High Quality Forming Dies

Focused Forming Force Technology to Provide Increased Product Rigidity

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SRS Series Unwind Stands

Ideal for Intermittent Feeding.  Fork Lift Slots for Easy Moving.

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Welcome To Gralex

...Doing More With Less

Since our founding in 1991 we have been relentlessly pursuing our engineering goal of doing more with less, so that you, our customer, can derive the maximum benefit from your dollars spent with us.  Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in our Paperboard Thermoforming Machines.  Gralex has become synonymous with small, highly efficient and economical blank fed machinery.  We have been responsible for many developments in the paper plate and ovenable paperboard tray markets for frozen foods, bakery and food service through our association with several Fortune 500 companies.  Today, Gralex has grown to provide equipment and services for the thermoformed paper plate and tray industry in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and South America as well as North America.

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The Gralex Thermoformer

Witness our highly efficient Thermoformer in action.


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